15 Strange Trees You Didn’t Know Existed… From rare trees that only one exist in the whole world, to trees so weird you won’t believe, like dragons blood and rainbow eucalyptus.

Owens Bros. Tree Service are tree service experts in New York City. Family owned and operated since 1959. We’ve seen the rare, strange and awesome traits our city trees exhibit and we know how to deal with the intricacies of their care and management. Call us today for a FREE estimate on tree cutting, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal or emergency tree services. We are here for you 24/7! Owens Brothers Tree 718-885-0914.

East 76th Street New York City looks like a scene from an apocalypse movie. It was completely filled with fallen trees which continue to crack and snap every few minutes!

Storm damage and emergency tree services are another one of our specialties at Owens Bros. Tree Service! We have been in business since 1959 and have endured each and every storm since then, we know very well the damage, danger and importance of handling emergencies FAST, SAFE & PROFFESSIONALLY. We are fully licensed and insured and most importantly, the most experienced tree cutting, tree trimming, and tree removal professionals in New York City! We’re available 24 hours, 7 days per week for any tree emergencies you may have! Call us anytime at 718-885-0914.

This is a video compilation of how NOT to cut or remove trees and why you should leave it to the professionals! We are Bronx and Manhattan NYC tree trimming and tree removal experts and we know the dangers of what can go wrong if you don’t have the right crew, knowledge and equipment. Please do not attempt serious tree care on your own as it can be extremely dangerous! Give us a call, we are here to help 24/7! Free and fast estimates, Fully Licensed & Insured. Owens Bros. Tree Service NY, New York 718-885-0914. Family owned and operated since 1959. We are the #1 Top rated Tree Service Company in Bronx & Manhattan. owenstrees.com

Affordable Tree Services

Are you looking for a Bronx Tree Cutting Service Company? It is not too much to ask for, affordable tree services, however you might be thinking you will never get the quality you need if you pay Cheap prices. You know your tree is in a hard to reach spot and it is near some delicate stuff. You think to yourself, this is going to cast you. You think Affordable Tree Services might not be in the cards for you and you search for Bronx Tree Cutting while expecting the worst.

We are here to help you. When it comes to Bronx Tree Cutting or any Tree Services in the Bronx, for that matter, we are the only experts you need to deal with. We bring all the tools and talent to the table needed to get you a professional job done. That delicate situation with your tree is no problem for us. We have been doing this for over 50 years.

Bronx Tree Cutting

our experience and ability to quality, professional, and expert work is not even the best part. We are Cheap. Yes, its’ true, we also offer Affordable Tree Services. We are able to use our Local knowledge and experience to get you great prices on the work you need done. We are not Cheap in the quality department, only the price is cut. All this time you put off getting the Tree Service you need because you though it would be expensive. You didn’t need to. We do Bronx Tree Cutting, Bronx Tree Removal, and all the other Affordable Tree Services with superior results.

Let us prove you didn’t have to worry. Give us a call and let us come give you a Free Estimate. Our Expert work is second to none and you be relieved at the Affordable price. There is no need to delay anymore.

Bronx Tree Service

There are a few possible reasons you might need a Local Tree Service Bronx company. If you really break it down, really only two. Either you need everything in your life done right away or you have an Emergency. I’m not calling anyone impatient, but why wait if you don’t have to. The other one, Emergency could mean many things. You might need Fast Tree Service because you are hosting a gathering this very weekend at your house.

Unless your tree gets some attention your friends will not be amused. You might need Fast tree Service because a storm put part of a tree in your driveway blocking your car in. Both valid emergencies.

In any case, the best way to find Local Tree Service Bronx company that can help is to search local! You already knew that and searched for a Local Tree Service Bronx. Excellent, job well done, we will take care of the rest. No, Really, let me explain. If you need work done fast you go with a company Near You that doesn’t have to travel for hours just to get to you and that time does not even count toward getting the work done. If you need Fast Tree Service you don’t want mistakes slowing the Tree Company down. They slow down, your results are slowed down. Mistakes are avoided by having Local knowledge.

Local Tree Service Bronx

You are luck you found us for your Tree Service needs. We are the best Local Tree Service Bronx has to offer. We have been family operated and owned since 1959, and Local in the the Bronx that whole time. That is over 50 years of learning to avoid mistakes that take outsiders by surprise. Mistakes that slow down progress and make it more expensive.

For fast Tree Service in the Bronx all you need to do is call us. We are waiting for you call and ready to help you.

Local Tree Professionals

Searching for a South Bronx Tree Service Company? When ever you have a tree issue like one that is overgrown, you want to find the right help to take care of it. That is assuming you don’t have all the ropes, chains, saws, and knowledge to take care of it yourself. Not to mention, who has the time now a days. That is only the equipment you need to handle small trees. Back to the possible issues you could have that might make you need Local Tree Professionals.

You could have a large tree that is hovering over your roof. If big branches fall off in a storm they could cause serious damage. Even if they don’t come off in a storm, the shade the tree causes could still be damaging your roof. Your roof needs some sun to dry off and the tree debris is adding to the problem. We can use our long bucket trucks to get up there and give your roof some air. You might have a very hard to reach tree that is starting to push a fence over. Don’t wait until the fence is destroyed. You can save it by calling us right away. Those are just a few things our South Bronx Tree Service can help you with.

South Bronx Tree Service

By being a South Bronx Tree Service for over 50 years means that we can be confident in saying that we are the best Local Tree Professionals for any trouble you are having. In every sense of the words we are Local and we are Professionals. We have all of our equipment right here near you. We treat all our costumers with respect and we take care to do every job correctly and quickly.

Don’t be afraid to experience the pleasure of dealing with a Local Professional South Bronx Tree Service. South Bronx Tree Service Provided by Owens Brothers Tree Service. We provide Affordable Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, and all other Tree Services in the Bronx. If you are in need of tree services in the Bronx, or Emergency Tree Services please call our South Bronx Tree Service Company 24/7 at 718-885-0914

Local Tree Company

You might think there isn’t a NYC Local Tree Company ready to serve your every tree serve need. Why would there be, this is the city. Buildings, streets, and cars, not many trees right? The answer is thousands of tree are all over the city. In parks, back yards, sidewalks, and on your property. Well there is a Local Tree Company and here we are. We have been a Local Tree Company since 1959. we are the best Full Service Tree Company in New York City.

We handle it all for you. Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Debris Removal, and Stump Removal. If I didn’t mention a tree related problem you are having, I’m sure our full line of tree services will handle it also.

There are many reasons that a Local Tree Company would work better for you than one from out of the area. In the end what it will mean for you is more reliability, more Affordable, and faster service. The reason we can provide those benefits to you is because we are local. We have an abundance of the local knowledge you only get from living and working here. We don’t show up late for appointments or the job because we got lost. We know what equipment we can get to the work site. Efficiency is the name of the game to save us money which saves you money

NYC Local Tree Company

We provide the best professional service. In the case of an emergency we don’t have to travel far because we are a Local Tree Company. Hopefully you won’t have an emergency, but if you do we are here to help you right away.

We are always friendly and willing to help our fellow New Yorkers. Don’t wait for an emergency tree situation to strike you without warning. Call us now for a Free Estimate and we will head right over. Owens Brothers Tree Service is the top NYC Local Tree Company. For affordable tree service in NYC call us now at 718-885-0914

Tree Service

Are you in need of a NYC Tree Service company? When anyone hears the words Tree Service out of the blue they might think, who needs to service a tree. A car needs service but not a tree. Well sometimes they do. You might have a tree that has loose or broken branches. If you don’t have someone do Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning those branches will fall doing damage or hurting someone.

Your tree might be to close to your house or fence and threatening those also. So when you do need your tree serviced, we are the Tree Service Company that does the best job in NYC.

Trust any NYC Tree Service to us. We are the professionals that have been doing full service Tree Care for over 50 years. In addition to the services we mentioned above we also do Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, Stump Removal, Stump Grinding, and Debris Removal in addition to other services. The Quality of our work and our experience can’t be beaten.

NYC Tree Service

We use the best crews. We send the best equipment our to your job. We have big bucket trucks and wood chippers. We have been doing NYC Tree Service long enough to know exactly what tools we need to send to what job. The tools we have are the newest and best in the industry. We handle the small jobs fast. We tackle the big jobs easily. We are Licensed and Insured to work in New York City. Being family owned and operated since the beginning means we know how to treat our customers like friends.

Pick up the phone and call the NYC Tree Service professional. Get a fast free friendly quote for the tree you need serviced. Save yourself the expense of a roof, window, or fence repair later, give us a call right now.

Tree Cutting Services

When you find yourself doing a search online for Tree Cutting Company NYC you may or may not be nervous. You might be unsure of the companies that appear. You might be uneasy in there knowledge and experience. When it comes to us, at least, you can rest easy that we know what we are doing. I can’t speak for the other companies, but we have been doing Tree Removal Services in NYC for over 50 years. WE know what we are doing and have become the Tree Cutting Company NYC deserves to have.

Even though we specialize in Tree Removal Services, we are also experts in the other aspects of a full service Tree Company. We do Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing. We will help you and your tree with Tree Trimming, and Tree Pruning. We can help clean up your property with Stump Grinding, Stump Removal, and Tree Debris Removal. We are experts in Tree Cutting and Tree Removal.

Tree Cutting Company NYC

Over our 6 decades of working and being Local to NYC we have become the premiere Tree Cutting Company in NYC. We have a large fleet of beautiful bucket trucks and wood chippers. We employee only the highest quality guys in skill and character. We have the work experience to handle the largest jobs with no problems. With our extensive knowledge we handle the small jobs easily. What ever size Tree Removal Service job you have we are the best Tree Cutting Company NYC has on deck for you. We use our wealth of experience to get you the best prices on you Tree Care needs.

IF you are considering any Tree Work or having a Tree Removed, don’t hesitate to call us right now. We will come over and give you a Free Estimate.

Local Tree Company

Rated the #1 Bronx Tree Removal Experts, Owens Brothers Tree Service is ready to handle all of your tree service needs. When you live in the Bronx it is especially important that you use a Local Tree Service Company. There are plenty of outside companies that want to come here for work, make a quick buck. There might be to much competition were they are. Times might be tough. The problem is that the Bronx is no playground. When you make mistakes here they can cost big. Nice cars, expensive houses, and narrow streets don’t make for an easy time with big bucket trucks and wood chippers.

Sure that is what the Tree Companies have insurance for and you think that won’t cost you. Then you realize you wasted all that time talking to them haggling, and now they are stuck at the end of the block and you have to look for a new company. You don’t want to work with those amateurs and risk them damaging your property on a rush job.

Use a Local Tree Company but go with the Bronx Tree Removal Experts. We are the professionals that have been doing this in the Bronx for over 50 years. Avoid the problems of an up start Local Tree Company. Avoid the problems of an outside Tree Service Company. Go with Local but go with the best. Go with us.

Bronx Tree Removal Experts

We don’t just easily throw the term Bronx Tree Removal Experts around. We mean it. We have all the best equipment and trucks right here in the Bronx ready to take apart and cart away any tree you are having a problem with. There is no other local tree company more capable then Owens Brothers Tree Service.

The size of the tree does not mater, we have experience with them all.

Don’t hesitate to talk to call our Bronx Tree Cutting & Removal Company any time, 24/7. Avoid costly mistakes even if they are not yours. Pick up the phone, call us right now, and then you can rest easy.