Harlem Tree Service

Harlem: Tree lined streets, beautiful brownstones, amazing shopping and culture. Harlem has some of the finest properties in Manhattan. Harlem is also home to large parks, and large trees. At Owens Brothers Tree Service we are frequently called into the area to trim trees, cut large tree limbs, and provide tree removal service.


Harlem Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree cannot be saved. Trees become decayed, diseased, or just old and compromised. When this happens it is critical that the tree gets removed from your property. Falling trees, or large tree limbs can cause damage to the surrounding properties, and major injury to people. No property owner in Manhattan can wait until it’s to late, and a large tree comes crashing down.

Our local Manhattan tree removal service provides you an easy way to remove a tree from your lot. We get in, evaluate the situation, and then cut your tree down. Once cut down, our tree experts will grind out the tree stump. We will then fully remove any trace of your tree from your property. Our large tree chippers, and tree removal equipment can handle any size tree job in NYC.

Tree removal services in Manhattan can be very expensive due to the risk to other properties and people living in the area. Because our company has the experience, and owns our own tree machinery we can provide the most affordable tree services in Manhattan. Other tree companies need to pass on their high cost of renting tree equipment onto your bill; no worries of us doing this to you as we own every piece of tree equipment needed to get the job completed.

Harlem Tree Company

When would you pick up the phone to call our tree company? Short answer, any time you have a tree service or tree care need. In Uptown Manhattan, and in fact all of NYC, you will not find a more reputable, friendly, and able tree company then ours! We have the team to not only get the job done right fast, but in a safe, customer service driven manner. When you want the best you want Owens Brothers Tree Service!