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Here at Owens Brothers Tree Service, we are a proud Soundview Tree Company. We have been in the tree service industry for over six decades. Each year of added experience has brought us closer to complete customer satisfaction. We have grown over the years to ensure that customers are offered fast and affordable tree services that protect lives and properties. Many of the local experts that we employ have over two decades of tree service experience. Our experience, combined with the right tools and equipment and a commitment to customer satisfaction, has made us one of the best tree service companies for you.

When you are looking for a Manhattan tree company that cares about you, offers fast response times, handles emergency tree service calls, and keeps its services affordable, Owens Brothers Tree Service is your choice Soundview Tree Company.

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As a fully licensed and insured company, we have what it takes to address all of your tree service needs. We ensure that all of our crew members are trained on the importance of safety and safety practices. Our insurance coverage offers you peace of mind as you do not have to bear liabilities in the event of an accident or property damage. We handle it all and deliver results.

Tree Services Offered In Soundview, The Bronx

Tree Trimming / Pruning

We have experienced tree service experts who offer tree trimming services. Rest assured that our tree trimming solutions are designed to keep your trees in good health and sturdy shape. Our tree trimming and cutting in Soundview and Manhattan also helps you to protect your building from common hazards, including pest problems, roof damages, falling branches, disease spread, and more. You can trust our team to assess your tree to determine how much it needs to be trimmed.

Tree removal

Damaged, diseased, or dead trees are a potential disaster waiting to happen. Tree falls can destroy your property and can hurt residents of your property. We help to prevent this by offering our tree removal services to you. We offer emergency tree removal solutions using the right equipment to get the job done. Our tree service experts are well-trained and can handle your needs while minimizing damages.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree removal services may not always include stump removal. Stumps can lower the aesthetics of your property or get in the way of new constructions. We have the right equipment to grind the stumps down to as low as 4-inches. Our crew is more than happy to come to you and get the job done as fast as possible.

Tree Cutting

Our Manhattan tree cutting service is available to customers whose trees have become a threat to their property and/or lives. We understand that sometimes, trees may threaten your foundation or new developments. We strive to prevent further damage by coming to you as fast as possible. Tree cutting is not an easy job, but you can trust our team to get it done.

Emergency Tree Service

Sometimes your tree may threaten the worst. In other cases, trees may bend to the wishes of huge storms and other weather disasters. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to handle all of your emergency tree service needs. We are one call away. Contact us.

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Below you will find our Manhattan Tree Service areas of coverage. These are the neighborhoods that we provide tree removal, tree cutting, tree trimming, stump grinding, and emergency tree services to. For all emergency tree service related calls please call us 24 hours a day at 718-885-0914

On this page is a list of neighborhoods in Manhattan that we serve, generally speaking they are broken down into service locations as defined:

Uptown Manhattan Tree Service – locations include areas above 59th Street
Midtown Manhattan Tree Service – locations include areas between 34th Street and 59th Street
Downtown Manhattan Tree Service – locations include areas below 14th Street

West Side Tree Service locations include areas west of Fifth Avenue; East Side Tree Service – locations include areas east of Fifth Avenue.

Manhattan Neighborhood names and boundaries vary or change from time to time due to demographic and economic variables, so please be sure to confirm your service location in Manhattan when you call us.

Why to choose Owens Bros Tress

Owens Brothers Tree Service is one of the most trusted Manhattan tree companies, and a top rated tree service provider in NYC. We own some of the largest tree chippers, stump grinders, and tree trucks in the industry. With almost 60 years of service as a company, and most of our local tree experts that work for us having 25 years or more of service, there are very few tree companies in the Tri State area that have even half our experience!

As the top Manhattan Tree Service company in NYC you can rely on us that we will be ready to assist you with all of your tree care, and emergency tree service needs. Fully insured, friendly, and a team of local Manhattan tree experts, we will make your experience with our company an amazing one!

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Our Manhattan Tree Service Areas

We offer a wide range of Manhattan tree service area coverage for your tree needs.
These are the areas that we provide tree removal, tree cutting, tree trimming, stump grinding, and emergency tree service in Manhattan.

Uptown Manhattan
Tree Service

Homes and businesses above 59th Street

Midtown Manhattan
Tree Service

Homes and businesses between 34th Street and 59th Street

Downtown Manhattan
Tree Service

Homes and businesses below 14th Street

West Side
Tree Service

Homes and businesses west of Fifth Ave

East Side
Tree Service

Homes and businesses east of Fifth Ave

Sometimes Manhattan Neighborhood boundaries vary or change due to demographic and economic variables.
If you need to confirm your Manhattan tree company service area, please call us.

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Owens Bros Trees is proud to provide expert tree cutting and tree removal services to Manhattan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no state requirements concerning the removal of trees planted on private property in New York. There ARE rules and regulations that need to be followed if you need to have a tree removed from public property or a New York park.
New York is a large state, but there are really only 10 primary tree species that are planted in the city, simply because these are the trees that tend to survive the best in various seasons. These hardy trees include:
  • Pine Oak (Quercus Palustris)
  • Red Maple (Acer Rubrum)
  • Norway Maple (Acer Platanoides)
  • Littleleaf Linden (Tilia Cordata)
  • Sugar Maple (Acer Saccharum)
New York has some cold winters! If you like to grow fruit, NYC homeowners recommend these hardy fruit producers:
  • Juneberry
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Mulberry
  • Blackberry

There are a few trees that the state of New York recommends against planting. Not only are these trees traditionally harder to maintain than some of the common varieties of trees found in Manhattan, they are also highly susceptible to the Asian Long-horn Beetle, which New York has seen major infestations of in previous years. These trees include:

  • Hackberry (Celtis Occidentalis)
  • Green Ash (Fraxinus Pennsylvanica)
  • White Ash (Fraxinus Americana)
  • American Elm (Ulmus Americana)
  • London Plane (Platanus Acerifolia)

New York is home to a variety of trees; but that means it is also the home of a range of tree diseases and pests. Some of the most common tree diseases and pests in NYC include:

Canker Disease – Comes in three forms and resembles a blister on the tree’s bark.
Heart Rot Disease – Can deciduous trees that are not pruned properly or that have damaged branches. Like Canker Disease, Heart Rot is caused by fungus.
Powdery Mildew Disease – This white or gray powdery growth looks like talcum powder and may appear on leaves. Powdery mildew is more common in warmer climates.
Root and Butt Rot – There are three forms of this disease, which impacts hardwood trees at the root to weaken them and cause decay and stress to the tree.
Sooty Mold Disease – This mold attacks many species of trees that grow in areas where a feeding insect population is high.

Some of the most frequently cited pests for tree troubles include:

  • Asian Longhorned Beetle
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Gypsy Moth
  • Spotted Lanternfly
  • Tent Caterpillars
Our tree service company works year round! Depending on what service you might be in need of, you may want to schedule a visit from our Manhattan tree company in Spring/Summer or late Fall. For tree pruning and cutting, Spring and Summer is the best time to evaluate the health of the tree and start thinning. On the other hand, it is easier to remove a tree in the late Fall or Winter months, as this is when the tree is dormant, making root removal easier.
Keeping up with your trees is much cheaper than having them removed. Investing in annual tree trimming and pruning from a professional tree service company can cost between $390 and $590 on average in New York City and Manhattan, but pricing may depend on the type and size of the tree in question, or the available space for trimming.
First, a skilled technician from Owens Bros Tree Service will come to your home and evaluate the tree or trees that you would like maintained or removed. For tree trimming and pruning services, our technicians will quickly cut and remove dead or overhanging branches. For full tree removal, our team will seamlessly create a plan of action for removing even the largest trees, right down to the stump!

As long as you are able to provide our contractors access to the property, you will not need to be there. That means you can plan our tree services around your schedule.

You need a residential tree service that imbues quality, reliability, and experience. Our tree service company has been serving New York City residents when it comes to tree cutting and removal for over 60 years. We are a well known name when it comes to Manhattan tree companies and we are proud to have a dedicated and insured team of contractors ready to take on any tree trimming challenge, no matter how big or how tight a space!

Always choose a tree company that is licensed and insured in order to protect your property and your trees.

There are many reasons that you need to prune your trees regularly. Not only is it good for the health and aesthetics of the tree, it can be key to your safety and the safety of others on your property. And if your tree gets too big, it can start to hang over other property, even powerlines, becoming a further danger. However, improper pruning can hurt your trees more than helping them, causing them health problems and potentially leading to disease or death.
Hazard tree assessment is one of the things that we do best at Owens Bros Tree Service. Call our tree company today and we’ll help you determine whether or not your trees pose a danger and what your options for pruning and removal may be.
Yes! After your tree removal, you have the option to keep the cut and split wood from your dead tree for use on your property as firewood.

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