Throgs Neck Tree Service

Are you looking for a Throgs Neck Tree Service Company to aid you in tree care, tree cutting, tree removal, or other tree service need? If so you’ve come to the right place!

Owens Brothers Tree Service has been serving the Bronx since 1959 and each new generation of tree experts that sprout up in our company has the same passion as those before them. Our tree climbers & trimming professionals and experience to keep your trees healthy and looking their best.

Serving this area of the Bronx is a pleasure. The trees are plentiful, large and always in need of care. This is a very active service location for our local tree company, and many of the residents know us personally. We take great pride in being the #1 tree service company in Throgs Neck.

Tree Removal Experts

We do not like to remove trees. In fact we strive to inform property owners of all of the tree care options available to them so that we minimize the risk of decay or disease from setting in, however sometimes there is no saving a tree.

When a tree is at risk of falling it is critical that you get it removed, and fast. A falling tree can cause significant damage to your property, or your neighbors. Even worst it can cause serious harm, or death if it hits someone as it falls. For this reason we provide 24 hour tree removal service in the Bronx.

We can be onsite within the hour, and most of the time sooner. We will safely and quickly remove the tree from your property, and if needed, provide stump grinding services to remove any trace of the tree from your property.

Throgs Neck, Bronx NY

Throgs Neck Bronx NYThrogs Neck has several beach clubs and a diverse housing market, including middle-class homes, luxury waterfront condominiums, as well as the Throggs Neck Houses, built in 1953 as one of the first low-income public housing projects in New York City, which was later expanded twice.

Fun Fact: Historically, the correct spelling is with two Gs, however past NYC Parks Commissioner and Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Chairman Robert Moses officially shortened it to one G after he decided that two G’s would not fit on many of the street signs. Many long-time residents continue to recognize the traditional spelling of Throggs Neck.

If you’re a Throgs Neck homeowner or property owner and need expert tree care service please give us a call any time at 718-885-0914