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Transform your Bronx or Manhattan property with Owens Brothers Tree Service. While removing the tree is the first step, what remains below ground can be an eyesore and take up valuable yard space. Our family-owned company brings over 60 years of experience resolving tree-related issues in urban landscapes. Our team will expertly remove and grind any tree stump, creating a functional, beautiful space for you to enjoy.

We provide stump removal and grinding services in the Bronx and Manhattan!

Stump Grinding Services

After tree removal, an unsightly stump can linger as a safety hazard and attract pests. Owens Brothers Tree Service offers fast, efficient & affordable stump grinding to transform your yard and maximize usable space. Our specialized stump grinding equipment is designed for urban landscapes. We can maneuver into tight spaces and work carefully near structures. The grinding process typically takes under an hour that leaves behind wood chips that can be:

Once the stump is gone, you have a fresh canvas to reclaim! Replant a new tree, create a vibrant garden bed, or enjoy the added space in your NYC property.

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