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Stump Grinding & Removal Services for Bronx, NYC & Manhattan

Tree stumps aren’t a huge hazard to most properties, but they are an unsightly and often awkward addition to your home or business. With the right tree company, you can easily get rid of unsightly or dangerous stumps with effective stump grinding services!

Removal Of Any Size Tree Stump

Need to get your stump ground down? We offer tree cutting and tree removal services for even storm damaged trees. Whether you need emergency cutting or removal service or just routine maintenance, our certified professionals will help with all of your needs.

Some trees live for decades, even centuries, before needing to be removed for one reason or another. This can leave behind some pretty massive stumps! Our tree professionals always bring the right equipment for the job, including stump grinding. We can grind stumps down to 4” – 6” using this grinding equipment. We’ll also remove chips and shavings from the grinding or backfill them into the hole your stump has left, leaving you with a cleaned and stump free yard.

Tree Cutting and Trimming Costs

Stump Infestations

When a tree has been removed and a stump remains, this stump could still be susceptible to a number of the issues that full trees face. This includes insect infestations and diseases. Once a stump has been removed from a property, you won’t need to worry about pest infestations that could easily transfer into your home and neighboring properties. This can help you to avoid termites, carpenter ants, bees, and other pests that use wood as their primary source of food.

Unsightly Landscaping

For smaller properties, you may find that you have difficulty mowing or landscaping around an unsightly stump. Stump removal is fast and an effective way to bring more space to your yard, give you area to plant new trees and shrubbery, and remove an obstacle from your property.

Top Rated Stump Removal Service in NYC

Our tree professionals have decades of experience when it comes to removing trees and stumps throughout New York City. Estimates are always free; call today to learn more about the cost of removing a stump from your home or commercial business.

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