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Tree Trimming, Pruning, & Cutting Services For NYC, Bronx & Manhattan

As a local tree company, we know that there are several beneficial reasons for annual tree trimming and pruning measures. Our tree services have been providing affordable tree services in Manhattan, professional tree trimming in Melrose, and tree trimming services in City Island.

Reasons To Prune Trees

Cutting trees is not an easy job. You need to follow the proper procedures and safety precautions to ensure that no one is harmed during the trimming process. There are several reasons you would want to cut your trees. Some of these reasons include:

Branches or limbs hanging dangerously, increasing the risk of injury

Tree branches are interfering with the power lines around the property

Trees causing danger to the property itself or the residents on the property

New York Tree Services

Owens Brothers Tree Service is an arborist in New York City that serves the NYC area with tree pruning services, tree trimming services, and tree removal services. Owens Brothers has been in the tree service business for over 60 years servicing Manhattan and the Bronx with affordable prices, professional services, with an excellent safety record.

Tree Trimming New York City

Tree trimming is the process of removing smaller, live branches and shoots from a tree in order to manage its overall shape and size. This practice is used for a variety of purposes, including controlling the tree’s appearance, reducing its risk of damage to surrounding buildings and structures, or encouraging more balanced growth. Working within the space constraints of Manhattan and the Bronx requires special care to prevent it from interfering with power lines, buildings, or other structures.

NYC Tree Pruning

Some of the most common trees Owens Brothers Tree Service encounter are mulberry trees, maples, oak trees, and the invasive ailanthus also known as the ‘tree of heaven’.

What Is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning, is the practice of removing larger, dead, diseased, or damaged branches to promote the overall health and safety of a tree. This involves a more thorough assessment of the tree’s structure and is typically performed by a professional arborist like Owen’s Tree Service. Pruning can help to reduce the risk of damage and can also help to improve the tree’s growth and wood production.

Taking care of trees through pruning and trimming has several benefits. It helps to promote the growth of healthy branches and foliage, as well as improving the tree’s overall structure. By removing diseased or damaged branches, it can help to prevent the spread of disease or damage to other parts of the tree.

In addition, properly trimmed trees are less likely to become a nuisance or a safety hazard. Overgrown branches can obstruct sidewalks, roads, and buildings, while dead or diseased branches can fall and cause property damage or injury especially during storms. Regular pruning and trimming can help to prevent these problems before they become a concern.

How To Get Rid of The Tree of Heaven

The Ailanthus, also known as the tree of heaven is a deciduous tree native to China and Taiwan. It is also known as the Chinese sumac or the stink tree due to its strong and unpleasant odor. The tree of heaven has been introduced to many other countries, including the United States, where it has become invasive and is considered a weed. Please call us today to properly remove this tree as they are fast-growing that can reach up to 70 feet tall.

Pruning an Oak Tree

Oak trees are a common species found in the Manhattan and Bronx areas of New York City. The size of oak trees in these areas can vary depending on various factors such as the age of the tree, the growing conditions, and the specific species of oak tree.

In densely populated urban areas like Manhattan and the Bronx, oak trees can grow to be quite large, with some species reaching heights of over 100 feet and spreads of over 75 feet.

Pruning oak trees is important to maintain the tree’s health and safety by removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches that can weaken the tree and make it more susceptible to insect infestations or disease. This can also help to reduce the risk of damage to buildings, power lines, and other structures, as well as reducing the risk of falling branches that could pose a hazard to property and people.

Pruning Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees are a common species found in the Manhattan and Bronx areas of New York City. These fast-growing trees are known for their attractive appearance and quick growth, making them a popular choice for urban landscapes. They are known for their attractive, dense canopies, however, the fast growth of mulberry trees can also quickly become an issue. Mulberry trees require more frequent pruning to maintain their size and shape, and to prevent damage to buildings, power lines, and other structures. Pruning mulberry trees can also help to maintain their health and appearance, and to promote the growth of high-quality wood.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost

The cost of tree trimming can vary greatly and depends on a number of factors, including the type of tree, its location, the extent of the work required, and the safety and risks involved. Here are a few factors that can affect the cost of tree trimming:

  • Type of tree: The type of tree can greatly impact the cost of tree trimming. For example, a small, young tree will generally be less expensive to trim than a large, mature tree.
    • Tree Branch Size: Medium-sized branches, typically 1 to 3 inches in diameter, can require specialized equipment, such as a chainsaw or pole saw, to trim safely and effectively. These branches are often heavy and can cause significant damage if they break or fall, so it’s important to have an insured and competent professional handle this work.Large branches, typically greater than 3 inches in diameter, can pose a significant risk to both the tree and those working around it. Removing large branches requires specialized equipment and knowledge, as well as a high level of safety awareness, as these branches can be heavy and can cause significant damage if they break or fall.
  • Location: The location of the tree can also impact the cost. If the tree is in a hard-to-reach area, such as a backyard without truck access, we may need to use specialized equipment or manual labor, which can effect the cost.
  • Extent of work: The extent of the work required can also affect the cost. For example, trimming of a few branches will be less expensive than removing large branches that may require additional equipment or manpower when pruning a large tree.
  • Safety and risks involved: The safety and risks involved in the work can also impact the cost. For example, if the tree is in a hazardous location, such as near a power line, or near pedestrians, we may need to take extra safety precautions to ensure people and property stay safe which is our number one priority.

Overall, the cost of tree trimming can range from a few hundred dollars for a small, young tree, to several thousand dollars for a large, mature tree in a hazardous location.

To get an accurate estimate, please call us to discuss your specific needs. When selecting a company like Owen’s Tree Service, it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced tree service that has a crew that works well together to ensure the safety of your property and those around it.

What Is The Cheapest Time of The Year For Tree Removal?

The cheapest time of year for tree removal can vary depending on your location and the demand for tree services. In Manhattan and the Bronx, demand for tree services is higher in the spring and summer when trees are growing, and lower in the fall and winter when trees are dormant.

Ultimately, the cost for tree removal depends on a variety of factors specific to the location, and the logistics around trimming, pruning, or removal of a tree.

New York Tree Services By Owen's Tree Service

Owens Brothers Tree Service can help you with your tree cutting and pruning requirements. We have been in this industry for more than 60 years. We work hard to provide the best tree cutting and trimming services to our customers.

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