University Heights Tree Service

University Heights Tree Service: Owens Brothers Tree Service is the #1 Tree Company providing Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, and Stump Grinding in the Bronx.

Fully licensed & insured our tree company is legally licensed and covered to provide all kinds of  tree care on your property. We fully cover all of our tree cutters & climbers as they work on your trees so in the event of an injury you are covered from any liability.

Serving NYC for almost 60 years, our tree care experts are rated the best tree company in the Bronx. Owens Brothers Tree Service provides more tree care services in this area of the Bronx than any other tree company. In fact we’ve been on more properties in University Heights then virtually ALL other tree companies combined!

Tree care service is dangerous business, but with the proper training, expertise, and insurance coverage we minimize the risk of disaster to all parties involved.

Our customers know they’re always in good hands when they hire Owens Brothers Tree Service.

Bronx Tree Service Company

Our tree services include:

Tree Removal Service
Tree Stump Grinding
Tree Cutting
Tree Trimming & Pruning
Tree Inspection & Free Estimates
Emergency Tree Service

The time to call Owens Brothers Tree Service is before a tree is decayed, or at risk of falling on your property. Our tree experts can visit your property and provide you with a free tree inspection to ensure that your trees can withstand high winds, or the cold months that further damage to a compromised tree. We can trim branches and cut tree limbs at risk of falling.

When you’re searching for a local tree service company or want to find the best tree company to help you care for the trees on your property then you want to give us a call. We are just a short drive away from University Heights, so no matter the tree care need we will get to you fast!

University Heights, Bronx NY

University Heights Tree ServiceUniversity Heights is a neighborhood of the West Bronx. Its boundaries, starting from the north and moving clockwise, are: West Fordham Road to the north, Jerome Avenue to the east, West Burnside Avenue to the south and the Harlem River to the west. University Avenue is the primary thoroughfare in University Heights. Its ZIP codes include 10453 and 10468.

This is a busy area of the Bronx and heavily populated. In the event there is an emergency tree service call we know its important to get there fast, and remove the risk.

At Owens Brothers Tree Service we provide fast response tree removal, tree care, and expert tree service property owners in the Bronx can count on, and at an affordable price. Always safe, always friendly, we’re your #1 Tree Company!

When you’re in need of a local tree service company in the Bronx then you want to call Owens Brothers Tree Service. Please call us 24/7 at 718-885-0914