Crimson Maple Tree

If you want to add a vibrant color splash to your Bronx or Manhattan property, the Crimson King Maple (Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’) might be the perfect choice. Here at Owens Brothers Tree Service, we’re well-acquainted with this stunning tree, and we want to share why it’s worth considering for your urban landscape.

About the Crimson King

  • Color Explosion: True to its name, the Crimson King Maple explodes with deep purple foliage throughout the growing season. Unlike many trees that showcase their best colors in fall, the Crimson King starts its show in spring and maintains its regal hue until leaves drop.
  • Size and Shape: Crimson King Maples are medium-sized trees, reaching a mature height of about 35-45 feet with a similar spread. Their rounded canopy provides excellent shade.
  • Adaptability: This hardy tree tolerates urban conditions better than other maple varieties. It can handle a degree of air pollution and varied soil types.

Why Plant a Crimson King Maple In NYC?

  • Distinctive Look: In a green landscape, a Crimson King Maple dramatically stands out, making it a true focal point for your yard or property.
  • Shade and Cooling: Its dense canopy provides welcome shade during those hot New York summers, potentially reducing energy bills.
  • Low Maintenance: This maple requires minimal pruning beyond basic shaping if desired. Owens Brothers Tree Service can handle those tasks for you!

Things to Consider

  • Growth Rate: The Crimson King Maple has a moderate growth rate. Be patient, as its full beauty may take a few years to develop.
  • Spacing: As with any tree, proper spacing is crucial. If you have limited space, consult with us at Owens Brothers Tree Service to find an ideal spot for your Crimson King to thrive.
  • Sun Preference: While it tolerates partial shade, Crimson Kings will have the fullest, most deeply colored foliage in full sunlight.

When Trimming or Removal Might Be Necessary

While Crimson King Maples are relatively low-maintenance, there are times when trimming or even removal might be needed:

  • Storm Damage: Severe storms can damage branches or, in extreme cases, compromise the entire tree. Owens Brothers Tree Service can assess storm damage and help with safe branch or tree removal if necessary.
  • Dead or Diseased Branches: Unhealthy branches must be removed to prevent disease spread or avoid hazards from falling branches.
  • Overcrowding: If a Crimson King Maple becomes too large for its space, trimming can help manage its size. However, removal might be the best option if the tree is consistently outgrowing its location.
  • Structural Issues: Crimson King Maples can sometimes develop structural weaknesses that make them a hazard. Removal may be necessary if the main trunk or large branches become compromised.
A crimson maple tree that needed to be removed

Diseases and Ailments

Although a hardy tree, the Crimson King Maple can be susceptible to a few problems:

  • Verticillium Wilt: This fungal disease can infect the tree through its roots, leading to wilting, dieback, and potentially the tree’s death.
  • Aphids: These small, sap-sucking insects can infest leaves. While not usually fatal, heavy infestations can weaken the tree and create a sticky mess.
  • Powdery Mildew: This white, powdery fungus can develop on leaves in humid conditions, though it’s a cosmetic issue and doesn’t usually cause serious harm.

Professional Tree Care is Key

Owens Brothers Tree Service can help keep your Crimson King Maple healthy and thriving. We offer:

  • Tree assessments: We can diagnose diseases, infestations, and potential structural concerns.
  • Strategic trimming and pruning: Proper pruning promotes healthy growth and can address potential issues.
  • Treatment options: In some cases of disease or infestation, we may offer treatment solutions for your tree.
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