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Bad weather doesn’t come with a warning. As a homeowner, if you are in an area that is prone to storms, then trees falling on your property may not be new for you. Fallen trees are as hazardous as weak and storm damaged trees that have not fallen down. There is no knowing what is there below all the debris. There could be loose wires, sharp branches or limbs, and other things that could cause you harm if you try to clear the tree yourself. At the same time, even if the tree has not fallen down, it can still be affected. And this is an even more dangerous situation. There is no knowing when the tree will come down, and what kind of damage it will cause. Our team at Owens Bros Tree Service looks for warning signs in storm damaged trees to check if the trees need to be brought down or not.

We’re experts when it comes to assessing hazardous trees, tree pruning, and tree removal services, including emergency tree trimming in case of an extreme weather event.

Warning Signs of Storm Damage in Trees

There are many warning signs that indicate your tree may have been damaged in a storm. Some of these are:

The stems and branches have cracks or split in them.

The higher branches of the tree have partially attached or dead limbs hanging from them. These need to be taken care of so that they don't fall down and injure someone.

The trees have mushrooms growing at their base, weakening the trunk

The uprooted or fallen tree is putting too much pressure on other trees nearby

The uprooted or fallen tree is putting too much pressure on other trees nearby

The tree branches are entangled with wires.

Some parts of the trees have gotten decayed or hollow.

The bark of the tree trunk is peeling, or it has gaping wounds that have been caused due to the storm

The uprooted or fallen tree is putting too much pressure on other trees nearby

Storm Damage Clearing

Clearing up fallen trees from properties after a storm is not an easy job. The large trees could have electric wires entangled in them. If it is half fallen, it can have hanging branches that can fall and injure someone. That is why you must call a professional company like our’s to clean up tree damage from your property after a storm.

Our team has the right kind of expertise, training, and equipment that will help us remove the damaged tree from your property in a safe way without causing further damage. 

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