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Tree Removal Company in Bronx, NYC & Manhattan

We’re the best tree removal in the Bronx! It’s not always easy to keep your property looking its best. And when it comes to caring for the trees that you have around your home or business in New York City, you could find yourself working in some tough situations. Whether your tree has been damaged by storms and high winds, is diseased, or is just plain dead, our tree removal services can help you keep your property safe and beautiful.

Property Safety and Damage Prevention

Dying and dead trees can become a safety concern for your property. These trees could have falling limbs and debris. And with the limited space between properties in NYC, these trees could drop damaging debris on your property or neighboring properties. Damaged and dead trees are a safety hazard and a liability, plain and simple. Tree removal is often the best option in these cases, provided you can work with a premier tree removal company that has the experience to handle some of the toughest removals in the tightest spaces.

Reasons To Remove Trees

There are a number of reasons that you may want to remove trees from your property. Here are a few of the reasons that the team of Owens Bros Tree Service have been called to remove old trees from a property.
Root Problems
In most cases, a tree with root problems is dying and may no longer be structurally sound.
Permanent Structural Damage
These trees will not recover from damages and could be suffering from storm damage, disease, or other factors.
Storm Damage
Some storm damaged trees just need to be trimmed and pruned, while others may be exceptionally damaged and require removal.
Tree Angle & Growth
Some healthy trees need to be removed, too. A tree that has started to lean over a primary structure like a home or street may need to be removed or relocated.
Insect Infestation
Trees overtaken by a bug infestation could be beyond saving. Some pest species are especially harmful to trees and will cause death.
Trees can get sick too! Tree diseases are often visible and will cause additional decay and eventual death to the tree.

Tree trimming services are sometimes needed in the aftermath of a storm. These storms can knock down trees and cause other damage to your yard, too! Tree companies from Manhattan offer tree trimming as well as storm cleanup, stump grinding, and removal among many additional outdoor maintenance services.

Our tree service professionals are available to assist you with emergency tree removal at any time of day or night.

Dying and diseased trees can be more than an eyesore for your landscaping, they can be a major danger to your property and neighboring buildings! If you aren’t sure whether or not your trees need to be removed, call Owens Bros Tree Service and schedule a hazard tree assessment and tree removal.

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