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Owens Brothers Tree Service has been an active and successful, family owned Bronx tree company since 1959, carrying a proud legacy of tree care passed down through two generations.

Started by the original Owens brothers, Robert, Peter, and Dennis, more than 60 years ago – when they were young men of 19 to 21 years old – the Owens Bros. Tree company had humble beginnings. Back then, our only assets were a crew of skilled brothers who were dedicated to the job, some modest equipment, and a true love of the craft.

Owen’s Tree Service are certified arborists that offer a range of services to help residents care for their trees. We specifically offer tree removal services in New York City’s boroughs of Manhattan & the Bronx. We provide emergency tree removal, emergency tree service, assessments, tree trimming, tree pruning, and stump grinding.

Tree removal in New York City needs to be done by a reputable tree service company or certified arborist like Owens in order to ensure that the work is done safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards. If you need reliable Bronx tree service, Owen’s Tree Service can help.

• NYC Tree Removal Experience and Expertise: A proven track record of experience and expertise in caring for trees in the NYC area. We have over 60 years experience removing trees from Manhattan and the Bronx with varying degrees of complexity.
• Equipment and safety measures: We have the necessary equipment and safety measures in place to perform the work safely and effectively. We use professional teams that frequently work together in tandem to safely disassemble and remove trees that need to go.
• Licensing and insurance: We are licensed and insured with the necessary permits and certifications to perform the work in Manhattan, the Bronx, and the greater NYC area.

For years, we worked with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation as business-to-business contractors, gradually evolving into the customer oriented, community serving tree company that we are today. Along the way, we discovered the true need for a skilled tree service in the area, as well as a demand for the skills and services of a company that could tackle the unique challenges to tree pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal that the Bronx and New York City residents, families, and local businesses have to deal with.

Since then, the Owens brothers have become a strong force in the name of tree cutting in NYC, Bronx, Mt. Vernon, Manhattan, and everywhere in between!

Owens Brothers Tree Service is currently owned and managed by the newest generation of Owens brothers, Dennis (with 40 years of experience), Steven (with 31 years of experience), and original founder Robert (with 60 years of experience). The company continues to serve the local community as a leader in tree services.

As experts in the field and using the latest arborist equipment and tree trimming technology, the Owens Bros Tree Service company continues to strengthen our commitment to and ability to provide the highest quality tree services to every customer and every job.

With more than 60 years of commitment to going above and beyond for our local homes and businesses, there’s a bright future ahead for the Owens Bros Tree Service team! We are honored to be an integral part of caring for and maintaining the beauty of our New York City environment as one of the best rated tree companies serving NYC!

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