Tree Cutting & Removal in NYC, Manhattan, & Bronx

Safely cutting hard-to-access trees in The Bronx and NYC since 1959

Top Rated Tree Company in New York City

Owens Brothers Tree Service has been serving the New York community for more than 60 years!
We are proud to be one of the top-rated companies in New York City and Manhattan, operating a family owned business that has always been about providing local homes and commercial properties with fast and affordable tree removal and tree cutting services.

Our team has an average of 25 years of experience in tree services, making us experts in the industry! And because we skip the big equipment that isn’t ideal for tree service in NYC, we’re able to go further, serving more clients in more areas across New York City, Manhattan, and The Bronx.

Tree Services Available in
Manhattan & Bronx

Tree Cutting

Regular tree trimming keeps your trees healthy and vibrant. Our tree cutting and tree pruning options are ideal for regular upkeep of your trees, as well as keeping weak branches from becoming a potential hazard. Schedule your annual tree trimming with the pros this year for a faster tree service at high quality standards.

Tree Removal

Sometimes there are trees that can’t be saved, and even trees that are a danger to your property! Dead trees, dying and diseased trees or trees that are severely angled/overhanging are all hazards waiting to happen. Call in the tree experts from Owens Brothers and we’ll assess the extent of damages to your trees and help you weigh your options for dead, dangerous, and plain unsightly tree removal.

Stump Removal

Stumps might not be as dangerous as their taller predecessors, but they can still be a pain and an eyesore for your home. Stump grinding and removal is fast and efficient, giving you complete stump removal in a breeze.

Stump Removal

Some tree removals can’t wait. When you have an emergency tree removal situation, call Owens Brothers Tree Service. Our team of tree removal pros will be on location fast, assessing the best method for removal without causing further damage to your property.

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Owens Bros. Tree Service has taken the opportunity to do our part in giving back to the planet by becoming a member of the “Plant-a-Tree Partnership” program through the amazing non-profit organization Trees For The Future. Our donation enables over 5,000 trees to be planted in a village in one of their current country programs.

As a partner of Trees for the Future, we get the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping to plant trees around the world through sustainable agroforestry and that these trees not only preserve the land, forest, and water, but they help families to save their homes and way of life.



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