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There are a lot of things that can happen to the trees in your yard. Heavy winds and storms can damage trees or even bring them down completely. In some cases, hidden decay and age can be the driving forces behind the death of a tree. Your tree could even be hit by lighting or a passing vehicle, resulting in instant and catastrophic damage.

When the worst happens to your trees, you need the help of a fast emergency tree service. We are a top rated emergency tree company serving Manhattan and NYC, backed by years of local experience with some of the worst and most complicated tree removal projects.

Emergency Tree Services

If your trees have come down and come into contact with power lines, cars, fencing, or other buildings, you need to have that fallen tree removed fast! This is where our emergency tree service experts can really shine! When you call Owens Brothers Tree Service, we will be available to address your needs 24/7. That means that whenever a tree emergency happens, we’ll be there to help!

If you find yourself in need of Emergency Tree Services, then we’re your guys! We offer hazard tree assessment and post storm tree removal. When damage is too much for our team to take on all at once, don’t forget about removing dead trees from the premises as well.

Owens Brothers Tree Service is made up of professional arborists who specialize in removing trees safely and efficiently. Our crews are trained to work together to dismantle the tree in a controlled and organized manner, taking into consideration the size and weight of the tree, as well as any obstacles or hazards that may be present in the surrounding area.

Our tree removal crews works together as a team, using decades of expertise along with specialized equipment to ensure the safe removal of the tree. By working together, we are able to minimize the risk of damage or injury, and ensure the safe removal of the tree from the site.

• Emergency Tree Removal – Removal of a fallen tree or preventative tree removal before an incoming storm or weather event. Useful if the tree is dead, dying, or rotted which may no longer be structurally sound.
• Emergency Tree Service – Tree trimming or pruning in response to a downed limb or branch including debris cleanup.
• Fast Response – We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any and all tree tree service or tree removal.
• Expert Tree Service – With over 60 years of experience removing trees from the hardest to reach spots in Manhattan and the Bronx.
• Fair Prices – We work with you to assess the situation and come up with workable solutions for all parties involved.

Emergency Tree Services

Emergency tree service refers to the prompt and efficient removal of tree limbs or branches that pose a risk to people or property. This type of tree service is often necessary in situations where tree limbs or branches have become entangled in power lines, fences, buildings, roads, or driveways. There are also situations where preventive emergency tree service is desired such as for an incoming storm to prevent potential hazards and damage in the future.

If your trees have come down or come into contact with power lines, cars, fencing, or other buildings, you need to have that fallen tree removed fast! Owens Brothers Tree Service are available to address your needs anytime, day or night, 24/7. Please call 718-885-0914.

When emergency tree service might be needed:
1 Tree limbs touching buildings – Branches that extend too close to buildings can damage roofs, gutters, and other structures. They can also create an entry point for pests, such as squirrels, to enter the building. Emergency tree service is necessary to remove the limbs and prevent further damage.
2 Leaning trees – Leaning trees can pose a significant risk of falling and causing damage or injury. In high winds, a leaning tree may fall, causing significant damage to property or people. It is best to get an hazardous tree assessment by calling us for an estimate.
3 Dead trees – Trees that are infected with disease or have begun to rot are often characterized by visible signs such as discolored or wilted leaves, large cankers, and an overall decline in health. In addition, the structural integrity of the tree may be compromised, making it more likely to fall in high winds or storms.
4 Trees falling on cars – Trees that are in close proximity to roads and highways can fall and damage parked or moving vehicles. This can also cause serious injury to drivers and passengers.
5 Blocked roadways – Trees that have fallen or have large limbs that are blocking roadways can create a serious safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians. 

Emergency tree service is necessary to remove the tree or limbs and restore access. If you find yourself in need of Emergency Tree Service, just know that we have over 60 years experience in emergency situations and offer hazard tree assessments and emergency tree removal. Please call 718-885-0914.

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal refers to the process of quickly and safely removing a tree that poses an immediate threat to people, property, or utility lines. This type of removal is often necessary in the aftermath of severe weather events, such as windstorms, heavy rainfall, or snowstorms.

When dealing with an emergency tree removal situation, Owens Brothers Tree Service takes the following steps:
1 Assess the situation: We look for any immediate dangers, assess the damage, and come up with a safe plan to remove the tree and/or limbs.
2 Secure the area: Before the tree removal begins, we secure the area to keep it safe as work begins.
3 Follow safety protocols: Emergency tree removal can be dangerous, so we bring the necessary equipment and expertise to safely remove the tree and minimize the risk of injury or property damage.
4 Clean up the debris: Once the tree has been removed, we also clean up the debris and remove any fallen branches or stumps.

Our tree experts are local so that you can always have a fast and efficient emergency tree removal when you need it most. Call today to get fast and affordable tree assessments, emergency tree cutting, and emergency tree removal options.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Emergency Tree Removal?

In many cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the costs of removing a tree that is deemed a hazard such as the removal of trees that have fallen onto a covered structure, such as a house or garage, due to a covered event, such as a windstorm or lightning.

Always be sure to check your insurance policy, as there are some particular clauses that might mean you’ll need to pay for your emergency tree company on your own. If you are unsure whether your policy covers emergency tree removal, it is best to contact your insurance provider for clarification. Luckily, there are affordable options like Owens Brothers Tree Service when you need emergency tree service.

Who Is Responsible For Tree Limbs on Power Lines?

The responsibility for tree limbs that come into contact with power lines can vary depending on several factors, including the location of the tree and the ownership of the power lines. In general, it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain trees on their property and keep them clear of power lines. If a tree limb comes into contact with a power line on the property owner’s side of the utility pole, it is the property owner’s responsibility to have it removed. Please call us so we can learn more about your emergency situation: 718-885-0914.

Emergency Tree Service Near Me

Our tree experts are local so that you can always have a fast and efficient tree service when you need it most. Call today to get fast and affordable tree assessments, tree cutting, and tree removal options.

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