Hazardous Tree Inspection & Removal in the Bronx & Manhattan

Nature can be hard on our trees, they might be damaged in a storm, get sick, or die. We offer on site hazardous tree inspections for free in the Bronx and Manhattan. We’re located on City Island, Bronx and offer 24 hour response times. Call any time day or night, and we can generally be on site within 24 hours with one of our top arborists to take a look.

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Hazardous Tree Checklist

There are a number of key checks that our team of tree experts need to make when they are determining how hazardous the tree may be to life, limb, and property.
hazardous tree assessment
Tree Trimming Services in Manhattan

Different Hazardous Situations We Consider

If you suspect the tree needs a second set of eyes, call us for a free inspection. We do on site inspections with no obligations, and we’ll tell you what we really think. If the tree is healthy, we’ll let you know. And if we think it could use some TLC, we can get it handled quickly without the headache. 

We’re always open, so feel free to call anytime with your questions.


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