Proper Tree Removal Techniques

When Should I Call An Arborist?


There may be times where you may have mishandled your tree or nature has taken its own course. If your tree is dead, diseased, or damaged, you may need to call for an arborist to take it down. Of course, their process isn’t the same as those who log trees illegally! They do it with the proper tree removal techniques!

Why Should I Remove The Tree?


Proper tree removal techniques will allow you to prevent unforeseen potential damage caused by storms, earthquakes, and other natural calamities. When a tree dies, they become weaker and so does their grasp on the ground. Natural calamities come and they may bring damage to your home as they have a weakened clutch. Remove the dead trees to avoid more damage.

Do I Need An Arborist To Do It For Me?


The answer to that question is indeed a yes. Proper tree removal techniques are learned and applied by these arborists and they get a living from it. It is advised that you shouldn’t handle this on your own to avoid injuries and unprofessional handling of the tree.

Things To Do Before Removing The Tree


Before removing the tree, you must make sure to have the equipment you need. After that, you must clear the surroundings of any other items that may be broken or affected when the tree is removed. Know where the tree might fall and determine which direction you can take cover while it falls.

The Proper Tree Removal Techniques


Unlike illegal loggers who leave the trunk and remove the trees improperly, you can learn the following proper tree removal techniques:

Digging The Stump


Proper tree removal techniques also vary on the size of the tree. For small trees, you can start to dig the stump to expose the roots of the tree. You can cut it out and remove it with a hoe. With this technique, you can also recycle the roots through compost. Another tip before digging the stump out is to water the soil a day before so that it would be easier to dig.


What About Big Trees?


Different proper tree removal techniques can be applied to removing large trees. Unlike small trees, removing large trees cannot be done by yourself. You should hire an arborist to do it for you to avoid hassle and injuries.

What Should I Do When The Arborist Comes?


When the tree is too much to handle for you and you hire an arborist, you must never forget to do the following. First, always look for their credentials. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Ask for receipts and certifications. Second, get a permit! You should get one to avoid further complications. Lastly, never forget about the stump! This is what illegal loggers usually do. They forget to take out the stump. Proper tree removal techniques end with the removal of the stump and skipping this would cause great effects soon.

Handling Proper Tree Removal Techniques


When your tree is dead or deceased, remove it to avoid unforeseen damage in the future through natural calamities. When the tree is large for you to handle, you should call an arborist. Before removing the tree, remember to look at your surroundings, your equipment, and your safety. To remove small trees, you must dig out the stump and remove the roots. Big trees can be handled by certified arborists. The last rule in removing trees is to never forget the stump!

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