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Owens Brothers Tree Service is a family-owned business serving the Bronx, Manhattan, and surrounding New York City neighborhoods that transforms your landscape into a thriving urban oasis. Discover the beauty of well-cared-for trees, even in our concrete-dominated city. With over 60 years of experience, we specialize in residential and commercial tree care services. We offer solutions for tree removal, pruning, trimming, topping, stump grinding, and root removal.

If you’ve got an emergency, we offer same-day emergency tree service and storm damage clean-up with rapid response. We have a 24/7 phone line, and you can call us day or night at 718-885-0914.

Our tree trimming, removal, and maintenance performance will leave your property looking amazing and with a good experience. We offer free on-site inspections if you want to revitalize your landscape.

Call Owens Brothers Tree Service for professional tree care.

Tree Services In NYC

  • Hazardous Tree Assessment & Removal: Leaning trees, dead branches, or storm damage pose a significant risk. Our experienced team carefully assesses hazardous trees and provides safe, efficient removal services to protect your property.
  • Professional Tree Pruning & Trimming: Whether it’s promoting healthy growth, maintaining tree shape, or enhancing sunlight penetration, our skilled arborists provide expert pruning and trimming services to keep your trees thriving in an urban setting.
  • Stump Grinding & Removal: Reclaim your yard space and eliminate unsightly stumps with our powerful stump grinding services. We efficiently remove stumps of all sizes, creating a more usable and aesthetically pleasing landscape.
  • Space-Conscious Tree Care: Navigating tight spaces and ensuring the safety of surrounding infrastructure is our specialty. We understand the intricacies of working in NYC and prioritize precision and minimal disruption.
  • Tree Health Consultations: Unsure about a tree’s health or need guidance on choosing the right species for your NYC property? Our arborists provide personalized consultations to help you make informed decisions for your trees.

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