Things to Know Before You Hire A Tree Service

Having damaged or dead trees around your home is not only unsightly but also poses potential hazards during a storm. If you are noticing heavy branches hanging over your house, you could have falling limb damage your property. As trees slowly claim space in your home, you also risk having the problem of mold growth on the siding. For these reasons, you want to ensure that you hire a tree service company to prevent damages or even injuries caused by trees. Here are things to look out for when hiring a tree service:

Credentials and Licensure

Calling in a tree service whose employees are not properly trained can do a lot of damage to your home. Ensure you see the company’s credentials you are hiring to trim and remove trees in your home. You don’t want to gamble on the safety of your property by hiring an unlicensed tree service.

Look at the Company’s Insurance

Hiring a company without sufficient insurance coverage is something you should avoid. You don’t want any such kind of a company to work anywhere near your property. Ensure you select a company that has workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance will protect both you as well as the employees of the tree service company. The insurance coverage covers any injury that workers may sustain while working on your home property. It also protects you against lawsuits should something wrong happen while the workers are cutting trees.

On the other hand, liability insurance guarantees that should the workers cause damage to your property, it covers the expenses.

Ask for Referrals

Consider asking for referrals. It never hurts. In fact, asking for referrals can help better understand the company you are dealing with. You want to know the kind of experience previous customers have had with the tree service. This way, you can know what to expect. Cutting trees, if improperly done, can lead to a heavy limb falling on your house. Call the referrals and ask them what they think about the tree service. Remember to check for member reviews as well as ratings at Angie List.

Inquire about Equipment they Use

Make sure that you hire a company that has the right equipment for the right job. Ensure you communicate exactly what the tree service should do. If they don’t have the right equipment for a specific job, the company may even not consider taking the job.

Get an Estimate

Ensure you obtain an estimate on the tasks – it should be a written estimate. You don’t want to face unexpected price inclement after the job is done. If the company cannot provide an estimate, walk away.

Hire a Tree Service!

Do you have trees dangerous growing at your home, or are there branches that may be risking causing damage to your home? At Owens Bros Tree Service, we offer professional tree service to ensure you keep your home protected. Our arborists and tree service team are highly trained to ensure your property’s safety when removing or cutting trees. Visit to find out more about our tree service.

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