Tree of Heaven Removal

Owens Brothers Tree Service has proudly served the Bronx and Manhattan for decades. We’ve seen firsthand the challenges unique to our urban environment, and one particularly troublesome tree is the tree of heaven. While undeniably beautiful, this tree often causes more problems than its looks are worth.

Tree of heaven (Ailanthus) growing in Alphabet city credit:

Why the Tree of Heaven is a Problem

  • Invades our built environment: The tree of heaven is an aggressive invader, thriving in the cracks and crevices of our urban environment.
    • Its relentless roots push up through sidewalks and cause uneven pavement, creating a tripping hazard for pedestrians in neighborhoods like Soundview and Bronxdale.
    • It can even disrupt carefully planned landscaping projects, like those in public parks or near historical landmarks.
  • Outcompetes native plants: The tree of heaven’s fast growth and prolific seed production make it a formidable competitor to native trees and plants.
    • Natural areas throughout the Bronx and Manhattan, from the edges of Crotona Park, Claremont Park, Pelham Bay Park, and Van Cortlandt Park to smaller green spaces in Harlem or properties scattered throughout the city, are particularly vulnerable.
    • These native plants struggle to compete with the tree of heaven’s relentless shade and its ability to suck up vital water resources from the soil. This disrupts the delicate balance of these ecosystems and reduces biodiversity.
  • Spreads easily throughout the city: The tree of heaven is a prolific seed producer, and even the windiest day can carry its seeds far and wide.
    • No green space is safe from this opportunistic invader, from tiny backyards in Wakefield to community gardens on the Upper West Side.
    • These seeds readily germinate in disturbed soil, which means even vacant lots and construction sites can become breeding grounds for the Tree of Heaven.

Why Tree of Heaven Removal is Often Necessary

  • Give Our Natives a Chance: Removing the tree of heaven helps restore biodiversity, giving native trees and plants in parks and smaller green spaces a better chance to flourish.
  • Safety First: Addressing trees at risk of damaging property, especially near landmarks or Yankee Stadium, prevents costly problems and keeps our city safe.
  • Fight the Lanternfly: Every tree of heaven removed helps limit the spread of this destructive pest that threatens trees all over the Bronx and Manhattan.
  • Stopping it in its Tracks: Without professional removal, the tree of heaven will simply regrow, sending out new shoots and colonizing other areas.

The Challenge of Removal

The tree of heaven doesn’t give up easily. Cutting it down often stimulates MORE growth from the roots, making complete removal tricky. That’s where Owens Brothers Tree Service comes in. Our experts have the knowledge and specialized techniques to tackle this tough tree.

Beyond Removal: Tree Services for the Bronx and Manhattan

Owens Brothers offers a full range of tree care services to keep your property beautiful:

  • Storm Damage Cleanup: We’ll handle fallen branches and damaged trees quickly and safely. We remove trees very quickly.
  • Pruning for Health and Aesthetics: We shape trees skillfully, whether for safety near power lines in Inwood or to enhance the beauty of trees in Wakefield and Norwood.
  • Tree Health Assessments: Our arborists spot disease and pest problems early, protecting your investment in your trees.

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