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Owens Brothers Tree Service is your trusted partner for all tree care needs in the Bronx area. Our team of certified arborists delivers top-notch services, ensuring your trees are healthy and your property looks its best.

We cater to both residential and commercial clients, providing a range of services from routine trimming to complete tree removal. Our experienced professionals approach each job with accuracy and expertise.

We also offer:

Large tree removal, tree cutting, tree pruning, tree trimming, branch cutting, and other tree services like post storm damage clean up services and fallen tree services. We are open 24/7 for all of your tree removal needs.

At Owens Brothers Tree Service we understand that each tree has unique requirements. We tailor our approach accordingly to promote optimal growth and longevity for your green assets.

Your safety is paramount; hence we also offer hazard inspection services, identifying potential risks before they become major issues. Trust us as your go-to solution for comprehensive tree care in the Bronx.

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bronx tree service


The Importance of Tree Services in the Bronx

Boasting a diverse array of trees, the Bronx is celebrated for its verdant cityscape. These natural wonders not only enhance our visual environment but also play an integral role in improving air quality by generating oxygen and absorbing pollutants.

To maintain these ecological treasures requires skill and commitment. This is where Owens Brothers Tree Service specialties step into frame, providing essential services such as pruning, trimming, or even removal when necessary to ensure that our urban green giants remain healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

In New York City’s 2015 Street Tree Census data, it was found that over 43% of street trees were thriving within the confines of The Bronx – a testament to how critical professional tree care services are towards maintaining this crucial aspect of our borough’s character.

We also service City Island for all of your tree removal needs.

Maintaining Healthier Trees

A well-cared-for tree can outlive one left unattended by several decades. Regular maintenance helps detect diseases early on before they spread or cause irreversible damage.

Beyond extending their lifespan, aesthetic benefits cannot be ignored: regular pruning ensures a balanced canopy which adds value to properties through enhanced curb appeal.

We employ techniques like soil management along with targeted fertilization strategies promoting healthier growth patterns among city-dwelling trees while mitigating potential hazards posed by unstable branches during storms.

Promoting Safer Communities

Trees with structural issues pose significant risks if neglected – particularly those near homes or public spaces where people frequently gather.

We will identify potentially hazardous conditions during routine inspections including deadwood accumulation within crowns; decayed root systems causing instability, etc., thereby preventing accidents caused due to unstable falling debris.

Safety measures include removing dangerous limbs using precision cutting methods without harming remaining parts ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding environment thus creating safer communities all around.

Key Takeaway: 

Owens Brothers Tree Service is pivotal in maintaining the borough’s lush greenery, enhancing air quality and property aesthetics. Regular tree care detects diseases early, extends lifespan, and promotes safety by addressing structural issues. In essence, a healthier Bronx starts with healthier trees. Call us for your Bronx tree service needs.

Identifying Your Tree Service Needs

Given the varying age, health status and environmental conditions of trees, recognizing their specific needs is essential for preserving a flourishing landscape. Recognizing these requirements is crucial for maintaining a healthy landscape.

Large Tree Removal

An unstable tree falling can pose significant risks to both people and property. If you notice signs of disease or irreparable damage in any tree on your premises – like extensive deadwood, a hollow trunk, or large fungal growths at its base – it may be time for tree removal.

Safety concerns sometimes necessitate removing even a perfectly healthy tree if its roots threaten structures such as sidewalks or foundations. Similarly, an otherwise fine specimen might need pruning if it’s too big for its location, blocking views or crowding other plants.

Understanding Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning, key maintenance tasks performed by Bronx tree service specialists like Owens Tree Bros., involve cutting away branches from a tree with distinct objectives.

Pruning involves selectively removing parts of a plant, including buds, roots, or branches, aimed at improving the plant’s structure while promoting better health and growth habits. This often involves removing diseased areas before they spread further into the plant system, thereby protecting against disease transmission among the green giants within New York City landscapes.

On the other hand, trimming generally aims to preserve the natural appearance of branches through shaping efforts, thus enhancing curb appeal, especially when done regularly, as recommended by regular NY pruning tree experts. Whether soil management strategies applied during dormant seasons yield optimal results, we provide expert emergency solutions after storms, and leading-class customer service to ensure that our urban forests continue thriving amidst concrete jungles.

Key Takeaway: 

Understanding your trees’ unique needs is key to a healthy landscape. Watch for signs of disease or damage that may require removal, even in otherwise healthy trees if they pose safety risks. Regular trimming and pruning by Bronx tree service specialists like Owens Tree Bros., can enhance curb appeal while promoting better health and growth habits, keeping our urban forests thriving amidst the concrete jungle.

Choosing a Reliable Tree Service Provider

In the bustling borough of Bronx, tree service needs can arise unexpectedly. Whether it’s an emergency removal due to storm damage or regular maintenance like pruning and trimming, selecting a trusted local tree service provider is crucial.

A company that has built its reputation over years in the industry will demonstrate their expertise through comprehensive services. These include not only tree cutting, but also stump grinding, soil management, and quick response to hazardous tree situations. Call us today!

Evaluating Professionalism and Efficiency

The professionalism of your chosen tree company shines through every interaction – from initial consultation up until post-service follow-up. It includes timely responses to inquiries, detailed breakdowns of procedures or costs involved, and respect for your property during operations.

An efficient firm won’t just handle multiple tasks simultaneously without compromising on quality; they’ll respond swiftly when emergencies such as unstable trees falling occur – hallmarks of leading tree services companies who put customer satisfaction first.

Spotlight on Owens Brothers Tree Service

In the realm of tree service providers in the Bronx, one company has managed to distinguish itself from random tree service companies – Owens Brothers Tree Service. Our leading Bronx tree services company is well-known for its proficiency and dedication to delivering top-tier customer service.

We stand as a trusted local tree service provider comes from our extensive experience. We have developed expertise in diverse areas such as pruning trees in NY, soil management, and emergency removal of hazardous trees. Our team consists of experienced professionals who deliver expert tree removal services with precision and efficiency.

Beyond simply accomplishing tasks at hand, Owens Brothers Tree Service goes the extra mile to ensure each client’s satisfaction after every project they undertake. Whether it involves preserving the natural appearance of branches through meticulous trimming or removing dangerous trees posing threats to properties, no task seems too challenging for us.

Commitment Towards Customer Satisfaction

What truly differentiates Owens Brothers Tree Service is our relentless drive towards ensuring customer satisfaction. Coupled with quality results delivery and quick response during emergencies (e.g., storm damage cleanups), numerous positive reviews online across various platforms affirm locals’ high recommendations within the New York City area.

If you’re visiting Owens Brothers Tree Service searching for good stump grinding companies or any other related services, then consider reaching out directly where detailed information about specific offerings can be found along with contact details should there be further inquiries. Remember, when choosing the best fit provider, trustworthiness, reliability, and a proven track record matter most.

Key Takeaway: 


Owens Brothers Tree Service stands out among Bronx tree service providers with their unwavering professionalism, comprehensive solutions, and dedication to customer satisfaction. From pruning to emergency removals, they handle every task efficiently while maintaining open communication throughout the process. Their high online ratings affirm their trustworthiness and reliability.

Advanced Techniques for Stump Grinding and Removal

The task of stump grinding can be complex, demanding specialized machinery and expertise. The team at Owens Brothers Tree Service utilizes advanced techniques to effectively remove stumps while minimizing damage to surrounding areas.

Our reputable Bronx tree company understands that each job has unique requirements based on factors such as the size, species, location, and condition of the stump. Our personalized approach ensures optimal results every time they provide expert tree removal services.

Expertise in Hazardous Tree Inspection

Hazardous trees pose significant risks if not addressed promptly; these could lead to unstable trees falling or other accidents. To prevent this from happening, professionals at Owens Brothers Tree Service offer thorough inspections for hazardous trees along with their regular servicing options.

As one among random tree service companies, they have trained personnel who use systematic methods for identifying potential hazards before becoming severe issues. Inspections involve checking signs like decayed wood, cracks in trunks or major limbs which might indicate structural instability.


bronx tree service


Post-Storm Damage Clean-Up Solutions

When storms cause widespread destruction including broken branches or uprooting entire trees due to soil management errors, immediate action is necessary. In response to such situations, we offer post-storm clean-up solutions designed specifically to restore properties quickly after adverse weather events. Our teams work efficiently under pressure conditions, providing timely relief when it matters most. In addition, we also recommend regular trimming and emergency removals to ensure health aesthetics are maintained even amidst challenging circumstances.

Overall, you’re assured top-class customer service when engaging with them. So whether your needs include NY pruning trees or simple cutting, trust only reliable providers like us.

Key Takeaway: 

Rely on Owens Brothers Tree Service for a comprehensive range of tree care services. We employ advanced techniques for stump removal, conduct thorough inspections to identify hazardous trees, and offer prompt post-storm clean-up solutions. With personalized approaches and top-class customer service, we are your go-to team in the Bronx and Manhattan for all things tree-related.

The Benefits of Regularly Servicing Your Trees

Regular servicing by a tree service company like Owens Tree Bros is essential to maintain the health and aesthetics of your trees. This involves pruning, trimming, and other necessary treatments.

A significant advantage of regular tree services includes prevention against diseases and pests. Professionals from leading tree services companies are skilled in identifying early signs of infestation or disease during routine inspections, allowing for prompt treatment before it becomes severe.

Bronx Tree Service

Mature trees require consistent pruning to remove dying branches, which prevents decay from spreading across the entire plant. Such actions promote healthier growth as they allow more sunlight penetration while improving air circulation within the foliage.

In addition to this,  tree service specialties also include enhancing fruit production for flowering or fruit-bearing trees. By removing overcrowded branches, energy can be redirected towards producing larger, healthier fruits.

Ensuring Safety Standards

Safety is another crucial aspect that underscores why regular professional NY pruning trees services are vital. Overgrown limbs near power lines pose risks, while diseased or damaged ones may fall unexpectedly, causing injury and property damage. We will identify such hazards, ensuring safety standards on your property.

Elevating Property Appearance

Lastly, well-maintained green giants contribute positively towards curb appeal, providing an aesthetic enhancement. Pruning shapes them, creating appealing landscape design complementing home architecture.


FAQs in Relation to Bronx Tree Service

How much does it cost to cut a tree in NYC?

The cost of cutting a tree in NYC varies based on size, location, and complexity. Call us for a free quote.

Can I cut down a tree in my yard in NYC?

In NYC, you can remove trees on private property but may need permits for certain species or sizes. Always check local regulations first.

Who is responsible for the tree in front of my house in NYC?

In New York City, street trees are managed by the Parks Department. Homeowners should report issues rather than handling them independently.

What is the price to top a tree?

Call us for a free estimate.

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