The Common Street Trees In NYC

Trees were one of the first living things in the world; it is also common to see trees anywhere. Trees can be found on the mountains, lawns, or even sometimes on the road. But did you know that some street trees can be found in New York City? In this article, we will talk about some of the common street trees in NYC.

The Six Most Common Street Trees In New York City


There are many trees in New York City, and every tree has different characteristics that make them unique. Below are the 10 most common street trees in NY in mid to dark green with 3 to 5 lobes and somewhat serrated edges. In Washington Square Village, you can see 23 London plane trees, with 11 on the east side of the road and 12 on the west side.

1.   Littleleaf Linden

This tree doesn’t take any weekend maintenance and doesn’t need to be trimmed, yet it always looks nice. For years, this tree has been a fixture in American communities and European streetscapes. Besides, the pyramidal form, vibrant autumn color, fragrant blooms, and minimal care of the littleleaf linden make it stand out.


2.   Norway Maple

Norway maple is one of the common street trees in NYC; it grows approximately 66 to 98 feet tall. It also grows quicker than a native maple and is quite thick, making other plants challenging to cultivate.

3.   Callery Pear

Calley pear is also called flowering trees. This tree is native to Vietnam and China, but it is also a common street tree in NYC. It grows up to 16 to 26 feet tall. It has clusters of small, snow-white blooms, giving the appearance of falling snow as the petals fall from the trees.

4.   Red Maple

Red maple is a widespread tree in east and central North America.  It grows up to 15 meters, and its twigs, seeds, and petioles are red. According to the US Forest Service, it is the most prevalent tree species in the United States. Hence, there’s no wonder why it has become one of the common street trees in NYC.

5.   Honeylocust

This tree can reach 66 to 98 feet tall. In the early autumn, the fruit of this tree matures. It also has thorns that grow out of branches. Moreover, it is soft and green at an early age and becomes red and hardens when it gets old.


6.   Ginkgo

This plant is one of the oldest species because it grew more than 200 million years ago. Moreover, it is common in street trees because it is hardy. This tree is also known as the most beautiful of all deciduous trees. The height of this tree is approximately 50 to 80 feet tall.


In New York City, you may see a lot of trees. The purpose of trees planted in New York City’s urban environment and parks has been to offer shade, assist manage flood flows, and purify the air by taking part of the carbon dioxide generated by the city’s million inhabitants.

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