6 Things to Consider When Planting a Tree

6 Things to Consider When Planting a Tree

Trees are a huge investment, and having the proper recommendation from a professional tree service company is a great idea. The right tree company can guide you on various tree species to choose from, suitable soil types, and the nature of shades that are compatible with your home. To get you started, below are a few things to consider in tree planting.

Plant Trees For Home Efficiency

You can considerably reduce home heating and cooling costs by properly positioning your trees. The key is figuring out where the sun rays reach your home most effectively, then deciding on a range of tree-positioning options. Broadleaf trees planted in the south, southeast side of your home provide a robust cooling effect and shades your home from penetrating sun rays. The same effect is true on the flip side as the trees tend to lose their leaves in winter and allow sun rays to heat your home. On the other hand, planting your trees towards the Northside blocks the winter winds, redirecting wind patterns around the home, reducing energy costs.

Trees for Aesthetic Purpose

Although there are a handful of tree varieties, every individual stem has its property. Basing on these unique properties, you will tend to invite certain effects to your home for every tree variety you plant. For instance, an oak tree is big with spirally arranged leaves, stunning, and frequently drops nut fruits called acorns, also known as oak nut borne. Live oaks maintain their green nature throughout winter, a time when oaks are leafless and dormant. A close counterpart is an apple tree, which is smaller and can be trimmed easily, grows closely together, doesn’t drop acorns, unlike oaks, and produces succulent fruits. As we’ve observed with the above examples, having the right tree variety in mind will benefit you well in the long run.

Consider Tree-planting for Ecosystem

It goes without mentioning the crucial role trees play in the ecosystem. In any setting, the quality of life is generally impacted by how plants, animals, and a handful of other organisms coexist together. But it’s worth mentioning the considerable role trees play in this bubble of life, from aiding the overall landscape and weather to providing habitat for homeless creatures like birds and squirrels. As if not enough, the tree roots underneath the ground further protect the ecosystem by holding the soil compactly together, thereby preventing runoff and erosion. On a large scale, trees tend to step up the overall water quality in any geographical setting.

Trees for Safety Purposes

For your home’s safety, it’s a good idea to keep off trees that might block key entry points. Such trees create natural hideouts for uninvited guests who might purposely break into the home. They are also unappealing to your day-to-day quests.

Plant for Personal Wellness

Studies reveal nature’s ultimate role in our welfare, ranging from mood-altering properties to keeping our health in check. For example, devoting only five minutes to looking at the trees reduces high blood pressure and muscle stiffness dramatically. For personal wellness, consider planting your trees at easily noticeable locations like the bay window area.

Plant for The Coming Generation

We tend to remember our past legends for the tremendous accomplishments they’ve marked during their times. Others build life-long equipment that enters the books of eternity. But it doesn’t take these outstanding achievements for you to impact your future generation. A simple tree planting is enough. That’s equally a sure way of making an enduring mark and passing on something enjoyable and benefiting your future generation.


Consider our pointers above for a smooth tree planting experience. Don’t know where to start? https://owenstrees.com/ knows the ins and outs of tree planting adventures and can help you make the right decision. Our experts have extensive knowledge of tree species, various soil types; therefore, they can select healthy trees that have long-lasting benefits to your home.

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