Riverdale Tree Service

Riverdale Tree Service provided by the #1 tree company in the Bronx, Owens Brothers Tree Service. Our tree experts provide fast, affordable, and reliable tree care services. Our team of professional tree climbers, tree trimming experts, stump grinders & tree removal pros will always get the job done right.

Safety is our #1 priority. Our tree company will never compromise your property, your neighbors property, or any person around the job site. Our commitment is also to our entire crew to keep them safe from harm, and cover them in the event an injury should occur. Providing tree service is a dangerous job, and keeping everyone safe comes first.

When you work with Owens Brothers Tree Service you will be in the best care, and your trees will treated with love.

Our company is fully licensed & insured. Our employees are ALL covered under our insurance policy, and they are all legally permitted to be working for us, and on your property. This is extremely important so that in the even of an accident you are fully protected, and so are they.

Bronx Tree Removal

Riverdale Tree ServiceOur tree removal service can be scheduled, or in the event of an emergency, can be requested 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Falling trees require immediate action, and being a local tree removal company we can get to you fast if needed.

We also own one of the largest tree chippers in NYC, so no matter the size of your tree we will be able to cut it, and send it through our tree chipper leaving no trace of it behind. Finally after the tree has been removed from your property we can provide stump grinding service so that there is no trace of the tree ever being there.

Riverdale Tree Company

Why trust our local tree company? First, we’re local and more property owners in the Bronx then any other Bronx tree company. Secondly, the owners of the company not only work in the Bronx, but have lived in the Bronx their entire live.

We have a vested interest in the borough of the Bronx and we will always take care of our customers! We have been the #1 tree service company in the Bronx since 1959.

Riverdale Tree Service: Tree Removal in the Bronx. For tree cutting, tree care & emergency tree service in the Bronx call us at – 718-885-0914