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Welcome to tree removal NYC, Owens Brothers Tree Service stands out as a top-tier service provider with over 60 years of experience. We are committed to offering comprehensive tree services, from stump grinding and arborist consultations to emergency tree removal.

We understand the unique challenges that come with maintaining New York City’s green spaces. Our team is equipped with professionals who ensure safe and efficient tree removal in NYC.

In addition to tree removal, we offer an array of maintenance services performed by our arborists. These experts work diligently towards ensuring your trees’ health and perfect positioning within your landscape.

Apart from residential properties, our scope also extends into commercial landscapes across the city.

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Tree Branch Removal in Bronx


Tree Removal New York

New York City’s urban landscape is a blend of towering structures and verdant greenery. The latter, maintained by professional tree services like Owens Brothers Tree Service, contributes significantly to the city’s aesthetic appeal and environmental well-being.

A seasoned player in this field with over four decades of experience, Owens Brothers Tree Service offer comprehensive solutions for all your tree care needs. Their affordable range includes regular maintenance tasks as well as hazardous tree removals when necessary.

Their commitment goes beyond just maintaining trees; they aim to ensure healthy trees positioned perfectly within landscapes that complement New York City’s architectural beauty. This involves specialized stump grinding post-tree removals to ensure seamless landscaping transitions.

In addition to their routine offerings, what sets them apart from other local tree service teams is their readiness during emergencies. Understanding how weather conditions or unforeseen events can lead to a sudden need for removing potentially dangerous trees, they provide same-day emergency response. This not only demonstrates operational efficiency but also dedication towards protecting clients’ properties against potential damages caused by unstable trees.

Hazardous Tree Removal: A Special Mention

Hazardous tree removal stands out among various tasks performed by any proficient arborist based in NYC – it requires precision and expertise more than anything else. This process entails identifying risky elements that could cause damage if left unattended and then safely eliminating these threats without causing harm to either people or surrounding infrastructures.

Such complex procedures demand tree care professionals who are trained specifically to assess risks related to falling branches or even entire trees themselves. The dedicated team ensures safe execution while minimizing disruption throughout the procedure, making sure no debris remains behind once the operation is successfully completed. In essence, hiring experienced professionals like Owens Brothers Tree Service guarantees quality workmanship and peace of mind, knowing that your property is taken good care of, especially when it comes to preserving its lush green cover amidst the concrete expanse famously known as ‘The Big Apple’.

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Owens Brothers Tree Service, a veteran NYC tree service with over 60 years of experience, offers comprehensive solutions for your tree care needs. They stand out due to their emergency readiness and specialized stump grinding services. Their commitment ensures healthy trees in perfect harmony with the city’s architecture, providing quality workmanship that guarantees peace of mind.

The Cost Spectrum of Tree Services in NYC

When considering tree services, it’s important to understand the cost implications. In New York City, for instance, you can expect an average price range from $747 to $1,043 for tree removal. However, this is merely a ballpark figure as actual costs may fluctuate based on several factors. Please call us for a free on site consultation.

In terms of navigating these expenses effectively, size and location are primary determinants when calculating removal charges. Larger trees naturally require more effort and resources during extraction, hence carry higher prices than their smaller counterparts.

Apart from size considerations, the positioning or location of your tree significantly influences its removal cost too. Trees situated near structures like buildings or power lines often necessitate extra precautions, which could escalate overall expenditure. Furthermore, the condition and health status of your tree also play a crucial role here. Dead, diseased, or hazardous trees might incur additional fees due to potential risks associated with their elimination process.

Understanding Stump Removal Expenses

Moving beyond simple felling, a significant part involves dealing with leftover stumps. Stump grinding typically incurs an approximate charge around $1,200. However, this again varies depending upon certain specifics such as root system complexity along with stump dimensions itself.

An intricate network beneath the ground surface implies extensive work needed for successful eradication, thus hiking up final pricing. On top of that, stump diameter plays another key factor contributing towards total expense since larger ones demand longer time periods for complete obliteration compared to smaller variants.

Besides just removing unwanted trees, it’s essential not to forget about other beneficial offerings like shrub clearing plus debris cleanup. These auxiliary services enhance curb appeal while simultaneously improving overall landscape aesthetics. Companies including Owens Brothers Tree Service provide comprehensive solutions encompassing all these aspects under one roof, making them ideal choices within the New York cityscape context.

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Tree removal in NYC is a nuanced affair, with costs influenced by factors like tree size, location and health. Stump grinding adds to the expense due to root complexity and stump size. Remember, comprehensive services also include shrub clearing and debris cleanup for improved landscape aesthetics.

Ensuring Safety with Hazardous Tree Removal

Hazardous tree removal is not a task for the untrained. It requires more than just cutting down the tree; it demands an understanding of risk assessment, meticulous planning, and implementation of safe techniques to prevent property damage or injuries.

The role played by tree care professionals in such situations cannot be understated. These experts have undergone rigorous training to handle hazardous trees effectively while prioritizing everyone’s safety on site.

Risk Assessment: The First Step Towards Safe Tree Removal

Before any action can be taken towards removing a potentially dangerous tree, conducting thorough risk assessments is crucial. Professionals who possess expertise in identifying potential hazards linked with specific trees based on their health status, location proximity to structures, and weather conditions among other factors.

This comprehensive evaluation forms the basis for developing effective strategies aimed at safely executing hazardous tree removal without causing harm to people or properties nearby.

Safety Ensured Through Specialized Techniques

In order to guarantee maximum security during the actual process of removing risky trees, arborists employ specialized techniques that meet industry standards. This includes using suitable equipment like cranes when needed and implementing proper rigging methods which control how sections of the fallen debris move about during operations.

Beyond this, these professionals strictly adhere to regulatory guidelines which further ensures all actions undertaken prioritize safety first.

The Art of Tree Maintenance for Healthy Trees Positioned Perfectly

Tree maintenance is a craft that necessitates experience, know-how, and commitment to go beyond the scope of beauty in order to ensure flourishing trees placed accurately within your outdoor space. It goes beyond the realm of aesthetics to ensure healthy trees positioned perfectly within your landscape.

Pruning & Trimming – Beyond Aesthetics

Apart from enhancing beauty, pruning and trimming form vital parts of tree maintenance that contribute significantly towards overall health. Proper techniques allow sunlight penetration and air circulation, which foster growth.

Proper pruning, performed by tree care safety professionals like us at Owens Brothers Tree Service, removes dead or dying branches, preventing decay from spreading throughout the tree. This helps maintain structural integrity, reducing risks associated with falling limbs, especially during storms or high winds – essentially offering same-day emergency tree removal benefits without the actual need for one.

  1. Disease Control: Regular inspections by trained local tree service team members help identify signs of diseases early on, enabling prompt treatment actions.
  2. Pest Management: Certain pests pose threats detrimental to a tree’s health; effective pest management strategies aid in protection against these potential hazards.
  3. Fertilization: Trees require nutrients for optimal growth; regular fertilization ensures they receive what they need, maintaining lush green New York City landscapes.

Meanwhile, focuses on shaping up the aesthetic appeal while promoting healthy development.

Commercial Tree Service – Keeping New York City Green

In urban environments like New York City, the role of commercial tree service in maintaining green spaces is invaluable. Local tree service teams like us work closely with businesses to effectively manage their landscapes.

We are professionals that ensure that trees are not only healthy but also positioned perfectly within business properties, contributing positively towards environmental conservation efforts and enhancing the city’s overall aesthetic appeal.

The Impact of Commercial Tree Services on Urban Environments

Densely populated cities like NYC often face challenges when it comes to incorporating greenery into commercial spaces. Nevertheless, even a modest amount of correctly managed plants can significantly better the air quality and assist in making a more beneficial atmosphere. Owens Brothers Tree Service, for instance, maximizes these potential benefits by providing tailored solutions based on each client’s unique needs and landscape features.

Maintaining Aesthetic Appeal Through Professional Tree Care

Your company’s exterior space speaks volumes about your brand before anyone steps foot inside your premises. Healthy trees and immaculate landscapes communicate attention-to-detail and professionalism – values that resonate strongly with today’s environmentally-conscious consumers.

Hiring a reputable commercial tree service ensures regular maintenance carried out by arborists who keep outdoor areas looking pristine year-round while ensuring safe surroundings for all stakeholders involved.

Promoting Sustainability through Local Tree Services

Beyond beautification purposes, working with local teams promotes sustainability too. By choosing native species better suited for specific climate conditions, it reduces water consumption, thus promoting resource efficiency, which is critical given our current global climate crisis situation. This proactive approach helps maintain beautiful yet sustainable landscapes across New York City.

Stump & Root Removal – Clearing Your Landscape

In the aftermath of tree removal, addressing the residual stump and roots is a crucial step. Leaving these remnants unchecked can lead to complications such as pest infestations or unexpected regrowth from lingering root systems. This is where professional local tree service teams come into play.

Stump Grinding Vs Stump Removal

The two primary strategies for dealing with leftover stumps are grinding and complete removal, each having its own merits and considerations.

Stump grinding, typically faster and less disruptive than full-on stump removal, involves machinery that grinds down the remaining stump below ground level – leaving no visible trace on your landscape’s surface.

In contrast, stump removal, a more labor-intensive process, ensures both the visible stump along with its underlying root system are completely eradicated. This approach might be necessary if you’re planning to replant in that area or require clear space for construction purposes. Tree limb services offered by us ensure this task is handled efficiently.

Why Root Removal Matters?

Beyond mere aesthetics lies another compelling reason why removing old roots post-tree elimination matters: underground growth potential leading to structural damage over time.

If not adequately addressed by professionals providing affordable tree services, leftover roots may stimulate unwanted regrowth, disrupting carefully planned landscaping efforts further down the line. This makes it imperative to enlist an experienced team equipped with proper tools when considering any form of hazardous tree maintenance, including root extraction tasks.

To maintain beautiful landscapes around New York City homes conducive to healthy trees positioned perfectly, it’s critical homeowners take proactive steps towards comprehensive cleanup after any kind of debris removal process involving their green spaces.

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Don’t let tree stumps and roots stump you. Post-tree removal, it’s essential to address leftover remnants to prevent pest issues or unwanted regrowth. Whether grinding down the stump or fully removing it with its root system, professional services can handle this efficiently. Remember: a clean green space is a happy one.

Making Your Landscape Shine With Shrub & Debris Removal

Tree care is an essential part of landscaping, yet it’s not the only factor to consider when assessing a property’s appearance. The presence and condition of shrubs and debris significantly influence your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Just like trees, shrubs require regular attention to maintain their health and appearance. Unwanted or diseased plants can negatively impact the overall look of your yard if left unchecked. We offer expert shrub removal services, ensuring that these elements are removed safely without damaging surrounding vegetation.

The Value Of Regular Debris Cleanup

Cleaning up organic waste, including fallen leaves and branches, isn’t just about keeping an attractive environment; it also helps prevent pests that thrive on decaying plant material from infesting your space. A clean yard allows healthy trees positioned perfectly within the landscape to stand out prominently, providing you with a serene outdoor haven right at home.

Beyond aesthetics, though, lie functional benefits associated with diligent cleanup efforts around garden spaces.

Safety And Functionality: Beyond Appearances

Garden waste management extends beyond maintaining visual attractiveness – there are significant safety implications too. For instance, rotting stumps or deadwood could potentially attract harmful insects like termites, which may cause damage to other healthy plants or even invade residential structures if ignored for long periods.

In addition to this potential risk posed by insect invasion due to unattended debris accumulation, falling tree limbs present another hazard during storms. These unpredictable events underscore why timely professional intervention becomes essential.

Prioritizing Professional Services For Effective Results

To achieve effective results concerning both shrub removal and debris cleanup tasks across commercial properties, consider enlisting professional help. Notably, companies offering comprehensive landscaping solutions often have specialized teams equipped with the necessary expertise, making them ideal choices for tackling these chores efficiently while minimizing any possible collateral damage.

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Shrub and debris removal are vital aspects of landscape maintenance, contributing to aesthetics, safety, and functionality. Employing professional services ensures effective results while preventing potential risks like pest infestations or storm damage from neglected tree limbs.

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FAQs in Relation to Tree Removal Nyc

How much is it to remove a tree in NYC?

The average cost for tree removal in NYC ranges between $747 and $1,043. However, the actual price can vary based on factors like size, location, and condition of the tree.

How do I get a tree removed in Manhattan?

Hire professional services like Owens Brothers Tree Service who offer comprehensive solutions including hazardous tree removal, stump grinding along with arborist consultations.

Do you need a permit to cut down a tree in NYC?

In most cases, yes. We handle all of this, please give us a call for more information.

Can I cut down a tree in my yard in the Bronx?

You can if it’s not protected by city regulations. Always consult an arborist or local authority to ensure compliance with laws before proceeding with any major landscaping changes.


Tree removal in NYC is more than just cutting down trees.

It’s about maintaining the city’s green spaces, ensuring safety, and enhancing curb appeal.

The cost spectrum of tree services can vary greatly based on factors like size, location, and condition of the tree.

Hiring professionals for hazardous tree removal or regular maintenance ensures that your landscape remains healthy and beautiful.

An arborist plays a crucial role in this process by providing necessary treatments to keep trees thriving.

Commercial tree service teams work tirelessly to maintain urban environments while stump grinding and root removal are essential post-tree cutdown tasks.

Beyond all these, shrub removal and debris cleanup add an extra touch of neatness to your property.

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